The 2017 Book Challenge for Kids

Looking to help your kids/students read more this year? This is the best book challenge out there for 2017 that is also an amazing scavenger hunt. Searching bookstores and libraries for these will get the kids off the couch and off the iPads!

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  1. A book that begins with the letter B
  2. A book by an author your best friend loves
  3. A book where the main character has the job you want when you grow up
  4. A book inspired by a place you want to travel to
  5. A book that is over 150 pages
  6. A book about one of your heroes
  7. A book about a historical figure you admire
  8. A book about an athlete
  9. A book that is first in a series
  10. A book based on a culture you want to learn more about
  11. A book that is more than 18 years older than you
  12. A book about a road trip
  13. A fictional book about a historical event
  14. A book based on alliteration
  15. A book that takes place on an island
  16. A book set in a country in Africa
  17. An autobiography
  18. A book about a book
  19. A banned book
  20. A book about a holiday you don’t celebrate at home
  21. A book that was published in the year you were born
  22. A book that was made into a movie
  23. A book you can read aloud by yourself
  24. A poetry book
  25. A book where the main character of the opposite gender than yourself

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2017 Book Challenge for Kids

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