The Best Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

Last minute shopping has officially commenced. I want to give you the perfect gift ideas for that friend, partner, colleague, or spouse that loves all things books. This person may be difficult to shop for all year round, so included here are literary gifts that can be given at special occasion. The hardest part of this will be not keeping all these amazing gifts for yourself!

Life Charger

For the jet setter and traveling book-loving friend, he worst feeling in the world is being at a really good part in the book and having the Kindle or eReader shut off due to low battery.  A Life Charger will charge every popular book device:  iPad, Kindle Fire, GoPro Camera, e-Cigarettes, e-hookahs, bluetooth headsets, headphones, Apple watch, Samsung smartwatch, fitness watches, Nike Fitbit, and more. solar-charger

The Book Lovers Calendar

A gift for that person at the office or on the playground you may not know intimately, but you know they would appreciate facts, quizzes, and quotes about favorite authors, the Book Lovers Calendar is perfect. After all, what book lover would not want to start their day with Harper Lee or Ray Bradbury?

Book Lover Charm Bracelet

This gorgeous  to show a little class as well as a love for books.  This bracelet will be at the top of your book loving friend’s jewelry box (and boost their literary ego a bit!)bookcharmbracelet

Personalized Library Embosser

This is a gift for that avid reader who loves to lend out their favorite titles, but does not want to leave any doubt that the book is most definitely to be returned.  The Library Embosser is fancy and fun, and can even be a gift for children. This gift can also be helpful if you are a part of a book club that regularly meets.

Talking Bookmarks

Do you know someone who loves to read 5 books at one time? These fun talking bookmarks will be a wonderful addition to a bedside table covered in all of the titles they are reading simultaneously!

MacBOOK Case

For the ultimate cheesy and fun book gift, choose a MacBook Book Case.  Clever and totally usable for everyday life and conversation starters, the MacBOOK case is a wonderful choice!macbookcase


Stacked Books Ornament

This is a personal favorite to collect ornaments each year.  You too can give the book lover in your life this festive holiday stacked books ornament to hang on a Christmas tree or just as decor. A great choice for all ages!


Book Worm Ring

This fully adjustable, hand stamped book ring is a classic.  Simple and elegant, it will definitely be a charming gift for any occasion.  It is a low profile gift that will definitely be a hit!


Vintage Book Cuff Links

A gift for the sharply dressed and dapper man in your life. These book cuff links give a book lover the opportunity to show off their favorite things literally on their sleeve.


Thumb Ring Page Holder

If your book loving friends are like me, I read while I multi-task drinking coffee, combing my hair, even make-up application can be done with one hand holding a book.  This Thumb Ring Page Holder is perfect for those who never want to put their books down for a minute!


Your and You’re Tea Cups

If you know anyone grammar obsessed, these are the perfect gift to make them smile while they have their morning tea.  Your and You’re Tea Cups will give your grammar-head friend the perfect start to their day with the most commonly misused words.  Bonus: these cups use “your” and “you’re” in a sentence correctly on the bottom of the cup.


Bookopoly Board Game

Pass “Read” and Collect $200!!! Who doesn’t love playing monopoly during the long winter months?  Instead of houses and hotels, with Bookopoly, you build libraries and book clubs! The book geeks will love you forever as they land their Top Hat piece in jail for “watching too much TV”.

You cannot go wrong with this game: The four railroads are Genres. Electric Co. and Water Works are Imagination and Big Brain. Community Chest and Chance are Knowledge and Explore. Just Visiting is Exercise your Mind. bookopolyboardgame


Personalized Children’s Books

This is a personal favorite of mine.  Make the young reader’s dreams come true by reading a book where they get to be the main character! My Fairy Tale Books has book options for every genre, for every holiday, as well as special events for a special child in your life!personalizedchildrensbooks

The Perfect Reading Space

Last but not least, the ultimate book lover gift. You can go above and beyond by creating a perfect reading space for your book loving friend/partner.  This may or may not include breaking into their home on Christmas Eve).

bookspaceThe Perfect Reading Space includes:

  • Cute and comfortable pillows (The cuteness is essential.)
  • Heavy blanket
  • Foot duvets
  • Lighting
  • Side table or arm rest
  • Mug warmer
  • Map (To chart adventures)
  • An over-sized, comfortable chair

For the How-To guide to making the perfect reading space, click HERE.

Hope you and your book loving friends can find the perfect gift from our list.  Be sure to check back next week at Book Oblivion for our recommendations for the best children’s and adult books coming in 2017 to add to your wish list!

The Best Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

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