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Book Oblivion Academy

Book Oblivion connects readers, writers, and thinkers with new books and old ideas. You will find articles, reading groups, and online courses in the areas of writing, literature, theory, and reading that are designed for life-long, adult learners.

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Video Tutorials

Explanatory video lectures that synthesize research to communicate the import of each text or concept.

Literature Focus

Literary-focused instruction that emphasizes reading primary texts illuminated by literary and critical theories.

New Content Each Week

New articles, videos, and insights are added to our library of resources every week.

Online Discussions

Written and live discussions allow participants to deepen their analysis of each text through conversation.

Discussion Questions

Literary analyses and discussion questions to deepen knowledge and understanding of each text.

Expert Instruction

Hundreds of hours of reading, writing, and research are poured into each lesson.

Supplemental Resources

Each text includes a list of further reading and resources to allow participants to keep digging.

Certificates & Badges

Earn online badges for your LinkedIn profile or a certificate displaying each course completion. 

Reading Schedules

Create the rewarding habit of disciplined reading through accountability and steady pacing. 

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Book Oblivion Academy