Literature and philosophy
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Read and explore classic and contemporary plays, novels, stories, and poetry. 


Deepen your knowledge and understanding of ancient and contemporary philosophy.


Connect your knowledge, remember more, and find the time and motivation to read.

Focus on Depth

Pursue Knowledge

Explore the histories of a single topic, like time or magical realism, and trace the ways it influences thought and culture.

Focus on Breadth

Read Widely and Often

Read and digest authors and topics through slow and careful consideration of an entire body of work. 

What We Offer

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Who Are Our Participants?

All materials are presented in English, but participants read in languages such as German, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Romanian, and more. Our courses and reading groups require between 2-5 hours per week and appeal to both working and retired professionals.

Parent Educators

Life-Long Learners

Our online courses and reading groups are designed for life-long learners.

Our participants are typically graduate school material because of their intense curiosity. We have a mix of teachers, working professionals, and early retirees most of whom have earned their degree and want to pursue intellectual conversations outside of academia. 

Bachelor's Degree
Master's Degree
Doctoral Degree

Easy Access

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