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The heartbeat of Book Oblivion is our creative reading community. Join generous readers from all over the world for live online lectures and discussions.

Online courses

Learn more about the intersections between literature and philosophy and culture in our self-paced online courses. 

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Surround yourself with living books and the people who read them. 

How to Read More by Creating a Reading Habit

“Ah, how good it is to be among people who are reading.”
– Rainer Maria Rilke

Read With Us in 2021

A Global Reading Community

For curious minds who love to discover the hidden influences in literature and philosophy, Book Oblivion offers live lectures and discussions every two weeks for readers all over the world. 

Our online reading community of passionate readers brings together diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, religious beliefs, and literary and philosophical interests. 

Five instructors passionate about reading and gifted in leading conversations in unique areas like philosophy, rhetoric, theology, the craft of writing, economics, science, technology, math, literature, and reading will guide us through these difficult and timely books.

Members of our community are insatiably curious and motivated to read, learn, and create everything from conversations to painting to fiction and beyond.  

Our reading community is academic in nature but we ditch the assignments, the jargon, and the imposter syndrome and emphasize conversation, friendship, and creativity.

Book Oblivion participants exercise intellectual humility and curiosity and are meet to kick back and talk about challenging books. 

Book Oblivion - A Reading Community