Love Your God With All Your Mind

The church is on the margins of the American culture. In Love Your God With All Your Mind: The Role of Reason in the Life of the Soul, J.P. Moreland teaches Christians their minority role in culture is a recent consequence of the church’s disregard for their intellect over the last century.

He argues this change took place because Christians sought to avoid the deep, grueling work of their intellectual lives:

“We have seen that the church was attacked intellectually in the latter half of the nineteenth century and was not adequately prepared to respond to this attack in kind. Instead, with notable exceptions, the church withdrew from the world of ideas and the intellectual life and was thereby marginalized.”

In times past, the church was the cornerstone of culture. As such, most of our laws reflected the moral imperatives taught in scripture because scripture teaches there is no moral imperative without a redemptive indicative. As we all know, this has changed drastically in the last century and even more in the last decade. The laws that now govern our nation are reflecting an entirely new moral code.

Throughout this book, Moreland inspires his reader who feels nudged by the Spirit to pursue the depths of truth for the glory of God and consider taking the intellectual side of his faith to a new level. Doing so will enrich one’s understanding of God and will increasingly influence culture.

Moreland encourages his reader:

“Trust and hope in God help build confidence that truth is a valuable thing to have because it is ultimately good. A confident mind is a mind free to follow the truth wherever it leads, without the distracting fear and anxiety that come from the attitude that maybe we’re better off not knowing the truth.”

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Length: 304 pages

Reading time: between 8-10 hours

Love Your God With All Your Mind

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  1. Moreland is a top-notch philosopher, but manages to bring those lofty thoughts to the rest of us without having to dumb things down. Great book. Thanks for sharing.

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