Why Jesus is Not My Homie

Found in Him

The incarnation has yet to be as realistically portrayed in everyday language as Elyse Fitzpatrick does in the first half of her new book, Found in Him: The Joy of the Incarnation and Our Union with Christ. It is difficult to imagine what went on outside of what scripture teaches, but the author connects the dots in a really intriguing way.

Fitzpatrick does not take unwarranted creative liberties like referring to Jesus as her homie, nor does she add anything to scripture. The author simply draws conclusions based on the evidence that is presented in the text. Her goal is to help readers understand the passages which discuss Christ’s humanity. Christians are often far more comfortable meditating on the supernatural miracles throughout scripture while there are plenty of historical accounts of Christ’s humanity that should weigh just as heavily on the hearts and minds of those who believe. Reading the words, “He became sin who knew no sin” will be far clearer in one’s mind after reading this book.

Understanding the humility of Christ’s humanity “for our benefit and the glory of His father” is paramount to our abiding in Him. This is precisely what the author spends the second half of her book discussing; the last half explains how his humble work in the world and his death on the cross impacts us here and now. This book would be an encouraging supplement to scripture, especially when reading through the gospels. Believers might find this book especially meaningful as they consider the reality of Christ coming in the flesh during the Christmas season.

Why Jesus is Not My Homie But So Much More

3 thoughts on “Why Jesus is Not My Homie”

  1. Interesting. I think you bring up a good point on how people focus on Jesus’ miracles and what made him God, for after all the greater accomplishment was in his becoming Human. Had it not for the incarnation then there would be no salvation. I’m going to check this book out.

  2. Hopefully I find a copy here. If I do get around reading it soon I’ll definitely drop by and share my thoughts. 🙂

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