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Course Series

  • Himalayas of Literature

    Himalayas of Literature

    Climb six literary mountains, including works by David Foster Wallace, James Joyce, William Gaddis, Roberto Bolano, Virginia Woolf, and Thomas Pynchon.

  • Reading Beyond Murakami

    Reading Beyond Murakami

    Read and discuss Haruki Murakami’s writing alongside literary theories and philosophies like magical realism, hyperreality, psychoanalysis, and more.

  • Critical Theory & Philosophy

    Critical Theory & Philosophy

    Explore contemporary critical theories and philosophies by researching and discussing a new thinker each month in this mini-course series.

What people say about Book Oblivion

  • “I’m so excited to be doing this course. I feel like I’ve found my tribe and I’m so glad I opted for the ‘lifer’ membership. Writing that brings a smile to my face as it has a fatalistic ‘end of the world’ Murakami-esk ring to it – lifer. Isn’t that great? Murakami’s novels are strangely like that. Once you’ve read one or two you are kind of hooked – F O R L I F E.”

    Andrea Day Artist Perth, Australia

  • “I’ve recently joined and love the RBM course; Jessica S. Manuel is a fine instructor and the course materials are sophisticated and insightful. Highly recommended.” 

    Jeffrey Rogg Prosecuting Attorney Michigan, United States

  • “I am really enjoying reading Hard-Boiled Wonderland and am enjoying being part of an interactive community that will help deepen my understanding of the novel and its influences and references.”

    Karen Rodrigue Associate Professor of Neuroscience Texas, United States

  • “The Reading Beyond Murakami course series continues to be wildly rewarding for me as it has reignited and transformed my passion for literature, theory, and philosophy as well as it has helped to make me a lifelong learner! These courses are designed for students of any age and are flexible for everyone. Even if you have read Murakami a hundred times or have never heard of him, I, and the community, welcome you to take the plunge and take hold of your own education!”

    Noah Blacker Graduate Student, Leadership Development Indiana, United States