How to Read More This Year

If you want to increase the number of books you read this year, but aren't sure how you'll find the time, then check out this series of posts that go over ideas and resources to help you achieve your goal to read more this year.On the first day of the semester, I always hand out note cards to collect some general information from my students (contact info., etc.) and will ask them to write their favorite book or author on the card. Believe it or not, this is really hard for the majority of my students. Some have actually answered, “I have never read a book.”

Readers are rare. What is to blame for this? A lack of time and mental energy play a role amidst our spoon-fed entertainment culture, but ultimately, students lack a desire to read because they don’t see the value in it. Now most people have a lot in common with these students. As a teacher (a green one- I’m only in my fourth year), I try to spark a desire for the written word by using… drum role please… the written word. BOOKS. Typically, that is all it takes. We read and discuss ideas from books and articles that allow students to see the world is far bigger than they realized.

Blogs are all a flurry with reading goals and writing resolutions sparked by the beginning of the new year. If you now have the desire to read, but still feel constrained by limitations of time and mental energy, stay tuned over the next two weeks as I share six tips to help you increase the number of books you read this year. I picked up these helpful tips from professors, mentors, colleagues, and of course, my students. They are designed to help you reach your reading goals for the year. Here are links to six strategies you might find helpful.ย Please share any strategies that work for you and aren’t listed.

Goal Setting for Book Lovers

Wake Up & Read

Keep Track of Every Pageย 

Update Your Book List Constantly

Read More Than One Book At a Time

Listen to Audiobooks

8 thoughts on “How to Read More This Year”

  1. The ability to read (and to read more) is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children and students. I’m looking forward to the rest of your series.

  2. I completely agree. It’s a gift with eternal value. After all, the written word is how God chose to reveal himself and how we learn more about his creation through his image bearers.

    The first post of the series will go live in the morning. Thanks for sharing my enthusiasm!

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