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  1. righteousbruin9
    December 15 @ 10:52 pm

    Here is the thing: J.M> Barrie’s England, of the late 19th Century was a stifling place. The factories were stifling; the Social Clubs were stifling; Buckingham Palace was stifling (and arguably, still is). It stood to reason that someone would create a character who would represent an unbridled imagination. The power to dream, like faith in a higher power, can seem to be repressed by society or a government, but it can never totally disappear. When an individual manages to repress the power to dream, the result is long-term psychosis. When a government manages to do so, the result is a morose, laggard populace.
    I am fortunate to have had a mother who urged us to engage our imaginations-preferably to solve problems, but also to treasure life.


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