Read Your Way to 100 Books This Year

How to Read More This Year

Rise and shine. My next tip explains how I accomplish some of the lofty page and book goals I set for reading.

Wake up and read.

This is huge. Most days I roll out of bed and make a Spark (it’s what I drink in place of coffee- caffeine, B vitamins, amino acids, etc.). I crawl back in bed with my bible and two books on spiritual growth. After reading scripture, I read one chapter from each book on spiritual growth. This whole process usually takes about an hour. By the time I get out of bed the second time, I’ve probably read around 30 pages and only have 70 left to meet my goal for the day. What’s more, most books on spiritual growth average around 10 chapters, so if I’m consistent, I’ll usually read 4 of these books a month.

After I make breakfast, I’ll usually have a few hours to read for pleasure or prepare for class depending on the day. This is where I read for professional development or review whatever I am teaching in class that day. Every book on productivity I have ever read says we need to do dedicate the first part of the day to the most important task. My current season focuses on consistency, so for me, that means waking up and reading. For some of you, writing is your go to every morning. Our friend and pastor, Stephen Jones (check out his blog here), recently shared a helpful podcast with our church called, Slay Your Dragons Before Breakfast. For me, my dragons are not intimidating, fire-breathing creatures that I run from. Instead, my dragons are what I’m passionate about and that is usually reading really good books or working out while reading really good books.

On certain days, I’ll go to the gym or do a workout here at home first thing in the morning. In that case, I’ll have an audiobook playing as I do cardio or workout on my pilates reformer. Either way, I start my day out reading around 30 pages. If you can read 30 pages before breakfast, and you aren’t typically a reader or have trouble finding time, then this tip alone might help you increase the number of books you devour. Not only that, but you will be mentally alert and intellectually stimulated. This process is basically starting with a healthy breakfast for your mind, so wake up and read and see what happens. Stay tuned for Tip #3!

7 thoughts on “Read Your Way to 100 Books This Year”

  1. Thanks! Appreciate it! You reminded me to take my vitamins! I get up and write because I’m “in the zone” the first hour of the day and have to work the reading in. However, whatever you do, it’s alot easier to be selfish with your time at 5 or 6 am than at 8 or 9 am.

  2. On days off I do frequently read first thing in the morning. It would be tough to give up sleep before work days to do it but it might be worth trying. You do find more reading time throughout the day when reading first thing.

  3. Great ideas here. I read for 15 minutes most mornings and find it a good way to start the day and a helpful way to get through a lot of books each year.

  4. Exactly. And that would be tough. For me it’s just a better alternative to reading at night before falling asleep. It works for some, but it’s not my style.

  5. Ha! Glad I could take part in keeping you healthy! And about the writing first, that is what I have learned many writers do. Haruki Murakami and Stephen King both write for 4 or more hours every morning according to their memoirs and find time to read later. There is a meme floating around the internet of famous writers’ most productive times. I will try to send it your way.

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