Our aim at Book Oblivion is to classically educate the modern mind. At the core, that means we aim to pursue knowledge for the sake of learning while simultaneously building skills for practical purposes.

The lower level courses create a strong foundation for reading and writing. Students will learn the skills to analyze and understand literature at a young age. At the upper level, we focus on what is traditionally considered the rhetoric stage of classical education, including writing, rhetoric, literature, and reading. Additionally, we offer courses designed with the life-long learner in mind, focusing on the intersections of literature with a wide range of literary theories and philosophy. 

Our courses are multimodal and interactive and require students to apply their learning to their world and culture. Students are better thinkers as a result of completing our classes, and because of that, they become better employees, students, and citizens.  

We follow the classical education model in four important ways:

  1. We explore the great conversation happening between thinkers over time and the ways ideas evolve.
  2. We incorporate mentoring into our high school courses to help students refine their ability to teach what they are learning.
  3. We read classic literature, history, speeches, and debates.
  4. We seek to synthesize knowledge from all of our reading to create a fuller picture of how the world works.

We are differ from traditional classical education in four important ways:

  1. We take a multimodal approach to presenting and consuming content: videos, podcasts, audiobooks, as well as physical books and articles.
  2. We read a great deal of contemporary thinkers and expose students to current arguments as well as past philosophers and thinkers.
  3. We believe education is inherently pragmatic and focus on student learning outcomes, building skills, and teach how to apply knowledge wherever possible.
  4. We specialize in writing, rhetoric, literature, and reading and only offer courses directly relating to these subject areas.



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