A Thousand Eyes of Curiosity With Alberto Manguel

A Thousand Eyes of Curiosity With Albert Camus

“Now open in my eyes a thousand eyes of curiosity.” Virginia Woolf, The Waves ALBERTO MANGUEL (BORN 1948) Alberto Manguel is a proliferate writer and reader. His world travels both in and out of books converge in everything he writes. His writings explore an intimate love of reading that is arguably unparalleled by anyone alive. […]

William Covino on the Art of Wonder in Philosophy

The Philosophy of Wonder

“The art of rhetoric underlines the ambiguity of language; to practice the art, one remains mindful that all conclusions are provisional, tentative. The art lies not in the completion of a text, but in the transfiguration of one text — one system of possibilities — into another.” William A. Covino, The Art of Wondering REVISING […]

The Rhetorics of Reading With Wonder

The Rhetorics of Reading and the Energy of Language

Keywords Rhetorics of Reading, William Covino, Wonder, Paul de Man “Camerado, this is no book, who touches this, touches a man, (Is it night? Are we here alone?) It is I you hold, and who holds you, I spring from the pages into your arms…” Walt Whitman, So Long! What happens when we read? Do […]

Play/Write: Digital Rhetoric, Writing, Games

The Dark Side of Neverland

“Nothing is really work unless you’d rather be doing something else.”  James Barrie When you think of Neverland, you probably think of adventure and fantasy and infinite play, but there is a dark, irredeemable side of Neverland that we rarely confront. For the first time, we are seeing digital rhetorics open the sky of possibilities […]