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Welcome to Book Oblivion Academy. We encourage you to design your education with courses that fit your specific passions or knowledge gaps. If you are a high school student looking for a challenging and engaging homeschool curriculum or you are a life-long learner wanting to know more about reading, writing, rhetoric, literature, or a specific author, we have a course for you.

We specialize in the humanities and encourage self-paced learning. Our courses emphasize reading texts in their entirety and are designed to progress from lower level thinking skills (knowledge and comprehension) to higher level thinking skills (application, analysis, synthesis, and evalutaion).

Enrollment for each course opens for a limited time throughout the year. You can join the waiting lists below to secure a spot.

Teaching Kids to Read Ages 0-5

Are you looking for engaging ways to teach your child to read instead of boring curriculum? This course teaches parents and caregivers how to cultivate a life-long passion for books, rather than just the skill of reading. Once you begin to implement these lessons, you will truly see your child become a life-long reader with a passion for learning and growing in their understanding of the world.

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Reading Beyond Murakami

Whether you are new to Haruki Murakami’s work or have read him over and over, this course series is designed to take you on a journey you will never forget. One novel at a time, we’ll study dreams, memory, linguistics, and hyperreality, and more, as well as the literary influences that shape his novels. After taking this class, you will not only read Murakami’s novels with new eyes, you will begin to see the world with a whole new mind.

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