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For curious minds who love to discover the hidden influences in culture, Book Oblivion offers readers a chance to research, connect, and discuss literature and philosophy with like minds from all over the world.

Let's read.

I created Book Oblivion with the hope that we could rescue books from oblivion and return them to the center of culture and conversation. Our community emphasizes reading with a spirit of wonder, humility, and generosity.
Jessica S. Manuel

Himalayas of Literature

Climb literary mountains with expert instructors and a community of readers.

Critical Theory & Philosophy

Explore one thinker a month to expand your understanding of philosophy. 

Reading beyond Murakami

Read Haruki Murakami along with the philosophers illumintating his fiction. 

Reading Beyond Murakami - Book Oblivion

Literature & Philosophy

The best way to experience Book Oblivion is by joining our community. 

Our Book Oblivion community reads widely and often. We strive to make connections across space and time, connecting ideas through reading and conversation. We offer reading groups that focus on literature, philosophy, specific authors, and deliver short lessons on reading strategies each month to members of our community. 

Our goal is to read with wonder by celebrating attentive reading combined with non-conscious thought. Reading is an act of invention and creation. The art of reading transforms us. Our community is here to bare witness to this transformation. 

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