1. Brenton Dickieson
    February 18 @ 7:18 am

    I’m already behind! I’m supposed to be at pg. 200. Oh well, I have it in queue.


    • Jessica Manuel
      February 18 @ 7:19 am

      I’m behind too. I’m trying to catch up this week. What page are you on?


      • Brenton Dickieson
        February 18 @ 7:27 am

        Well.. 0 actually!
        I have an excuse (death in the family), but I’m really just not finished the book I’m reading. I’ll do a few pages tonight I think.
        It isn’t an infinite book, but it’s long!


      • Brenton Dickieson
        February 19 @ 2:41 am

        So I spent a couple of hours last night reading this peculiar and amazing book. And I am only 2% or 3% done! I am going to borrow a paper copy because the footnotes are cumbersome on my electronic edition.


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