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  1. Moms love learning
    November 5 @ 2:57 pm

    This is a very interesting article. I am not American so I can’t say whether I agree with your observations or not. From what I learned about American culture, American people are very action oriented. This is supposed to come from the history of the country. When the first European settlers arrived in America, they had to work very hard to survive and did no have much time for intellectual pursuits.
    In France, where I grew up, intellectualism is valued even if there are also many people who do not read much including succesful persons. The former French president Nicolas Sarkozy was for instance often criticized for being anti-intellectual after a scornful comment about 17th century novel “The princess of Cleves”. After that, he desperately tried to look like an intellectual by posting all the books he was currently reading on his facebook page. With little success though.


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