30 Pages a Day Reading Challenge

Since Christmas just turned the corner and my heart is overflowing with gratitude, I want to make sure you know how thankful I am that you are part of our reading community at Book Oblivion.

Last year was a full year of books, teaching, and writing in my corner of the world.

But like you, we have big plans for 2016. 

As we gather our thoughts, tally the books we read last year, and look at setting goals for next year, I invite you to read more with me this year.

I challenge you to commit to reading 30 pages a day every day this year.

Do you think you can do that? Well, I know you can, but you have to decide why you want to.

Are you looking to grow in your expertise at your job, or love your spouse better by studying books on marriage, or how about learning to parent your child? Maybe you want to activate your imagination for the first time since law school or figure out how to manage your time better. Whatever the case, 30 pages a day is a game changer.  

All you need to do is pick up your book once a day or press play as you drive to work. 

It sounds simple, but it will change you and how you interact with everyone around you.

I’m reminded of Orphan Pamuk’s words, “I read a book one day and my whole life was changed. Even on the first page I was so affected by the book’s intensity I felt my body sever itself and pull away from the chair where I sat reading the book that lay before me on the table.”

Are you ready to take a mental leap of faith? 

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25 Responses

  1. Happy New Year, Jessica!

    This is a great challenge.

    Given my already crazy learning/running/working schedule, I don’t think I’ll be able to manage 30 pages daily. But I promise to read for at least a few minutes each day before I crash.

    Here’s to a great 2016. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this great suggestion! I made sure to read thirty (well, ended up doing around 40) last night and am almost done with my first book for the year 🙂

    1. Kind of a silly one — Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales from a Former Playboy Bunny by Holly Madison. I usually read more erudite picks but wanted something a little fluffier this time.

  3. As someone who plans to participate in the 500 words a day writing challenge, this is an obvious challenge to go right along side it.

  4. This is a great goal! Also pretty attainable! There are a lot of people who I’ve seen that want to read 50-100 books in a year, which seems unrealistic for someone like me with a full and part time job. But this I could definitely do!

  5. This would help me reach my Goodreads goal. Sometimes I do so much reading for class (I teach English Literature and Composition) that I forget how much i enjoy reading for fun.

  6. I came across this looking on Pinterest for a reading challenge that we could do with our neighbors.

  7. Hi! I would love to join the reading challenge and to be connected with the link for tracking my reading except I can’t find the link for some reason? Lol please let me know if this is still active whenever you get around to it. Thanks 🙂

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